Month: December 2017

A trip to remember

Traveling Across the US By Train

Geyser at Yellowstone ParkThe western part of America is home to some of the country’s best national parks, most important monuments and destinations that are simply must-see. Travel across the western frontier to Colorado if you want to explore Rocky Mountain towns and some of the most historic trains of the area, or you can continue going west if you want to visit Salt Lake City and San Francisco.

Some other destinations that are very popular when it comes to traveling across the western part of the USA include Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Mt. Rushmore and Seattle. Read on to learn about the tour details.


Tour Description

The tour will begin either in Chicago. The Train will be waiting for you and once you arrive, the trip will take you to your first destination – Glacier National Park. There, you will be able to enjoy some great spectacles of nature, as well as the Going-to-the-Sun Road, which is one of the most-known roads in the USA. The trip will then take you to Yellowstone National Park. Once you arrive there, you will stay there for two nights.

You will then head to Wyoming, and once you are there, you will visit Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole. And finally, you will head to Utah where you will visit Salt Lake City, as well as Canyonlands and Arches National Parks.


The Journey Begins

After you make all of these stops, the park sightseeing part of the tour ends. But the whole fun doesn’t stop there! Beautiful Colorado Rockies, as well as vast plains and much more nice things are visible as you travel through Kansas, Missouri, Colorado and Illinois on the return trip.


Highlights of the Trip

– Roundtrip rail transportation (you will spend two nights on train).

– You will spend 11 nights in a number of different hotels. This includes a two-night stay at Yellowstone National Park and three-night stay at Glacier Park Lodge.

– 14 meals are included in the service. You will be able to eat while riding the train, which means that you don’t need to worry about having to wait for the next stop in order to eat something.

– You will get to visit some of the most-known parks in the USA – Glacier National Park, Arches National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park, Canyonlands National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

– Services of a professional tour manager will be available to you the whole time.

**this trip was recommended by a great Boise plumber and friend of the author, Rusty. Thanks for the suggestion and we hope our readers will enjoy the ride.


Little-Known Towns of the US

Tillamook, Oregon:

Small Railway in Tillamook Oregon

There are only five states in the country that offer no sales tax, and Oregon is one of them. From a fancy car to a pack of gum, the price you see is the price you pay. This information alone is probably enough to prevent you from buying anything in Oregon. But there’s more!

Oregon is one of two states where you are not allowed to pump your own gas. Some people don’t really like this because it usually means that they have to wait an additional few minutes. However, no one seems to mind when it’s cold and rainy outside.

When your in Tillamook you have to check out the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad. This train runs from Garibaldi to Rockaway, a couple towns outside of Tillamook. A fantastic family affair the kids will love their themes and you will be amazed by the views of the Tillamook Bay and Pacific Ocean.

It Rains a Lot in Oregon

Even though it rains a lot in Oregon, it is probably not even close to what you think. Actually, Oregon is not even one of the ten most rainiest states in the country. And just so you know, Hawaii is actually number one.

Oregon Was Made for Farming

The combination of rich soil and Oregon’s climate make for some of the most successful growing lands in the country. Visit some of the historic towns in Willamette Valley if you want to see this for yourself.

What do You Need to Know About Tillamook?

If you are live in Tillamook, but you have never visited the Tillamook Cheese Factory, what are you waiting for? It is one the most-known places in Tillamook. However, there are many other places in Tillamook that are very interesting as well. Read on to learn more about some of them.

Tillamook County Pioneer Museum

You can see 10000 photographs and 35000 items in this museum. All of those photographs and items tell a story about the history of Tillamook County. You can also see multiple replica rooms, as well as a number of artifacts that once used to belong to the very first residents of the area – the early pioneer settlers and the North Oregon Coastal Indians.

Latimer Quilt and Textile Center

This is one unique museum shop. Here, you can find a great display of textile art, as well as different tools and clothing items from the 19th century. But that is not all, because you can also see hand-woven textiles from the 1950s, crochet work from 1930s-1940s, as well as some modern textile art.

And while you are in Tillamook, make sure to also visit the 2nd Street Public Market. There, you can find crafts and goods (such as handcrafted merchandise and meat) made by local artisans.


Traveling Across the West

Western Coastline is a Scenic Wonder

California Scenic Railroad

Western USA offers a lot of beautiful places for you to see, such as the high peaks of Alaska and Colorado, the coastlines of Washington and Oregon, and the winding Columbia and Colorado rivers. Here are some of the most beautiful and spectacular places that you simply need to visit.

Most of these can be accessed via a railway system that runs up and down the coast line. The scenery is absolutely stunning. For a great example of a trip you can take check out the  CALIFORNIA AND NORTHWEST COASTAL ODYSSEY – 2018

Pacific Coast Scenic Byway

Pacific Coast Scenic Byway is one of the most photographed places in the USA, and the reason why is because of its breathtaking scenic beauty. The entire coast is owned by the state of Oregon. There are roughly 300 miles of beautiful beaches, seaside cliffs, marshes, and wind-sculptured dunes.

The south end between Port Orford and Brookings offers some dramatic sea cliffs and pastoral farmlands for you to see, while the north end mostly known for its rain forests and beach towns. You can also see a number of rock formations that large colonies of seals and sea lions use as their homes. And while you are there, make sure to keep an eye out over the horizon as well because there is always a chance that you will see some grey whales.

Pacific Coast Highway

What makes Highway One one of the most beautiful roads in California is its breathtaking scenery, particularly the 123-mile stretch from Big Sur to Monterey. It is important to note that this ride is often ranked as one of the most beautiful scenic rides not just in the USA, but in the whole world as well. You can see some beautiful mountains on one side and some spectacular towering redwoods on the other.

If you decide to visit this area, you will be able to see a purple sand beach. And if you continue going south, you will be able to see the Hearst Castle, which is one of America’s few true castles.

The Loneliest Road

This is the section of US Highway 50 that became known as The Loneliest Road for somewhat obvious reasons. But here is the explanation anyway – the reason why it became known as The Loneliest Road is because it passes through a very remote area of Nevada.

But something that is very interesting about it is that it offers the freedom of the open road feeling, as well as a number of interesting distractions. And you don’t have to worry about what to do when you need to take a break to fuel up or just eat some food because there is a lot of places where you can do that.


Running the Rails of the West

The West is still a Wonderland full of natural wonders and vast open spaces. There is nothing like seeing the sites from the railway. Taking a Train used to be the best mode of traffic across large areas. Times changed and most people prefer taking an Airplane, saving time and in some cases money. However, they miss the most important thing of all true life experiences.

Life experiences you can only enjoy in person in a world not so rushed. The life of a Train Traveler. Follow this blog as we take scenic and colorful adventures across the US on the great US Rail System. We start in the West and who knows where the adventures will go..

The one thing is for certain, we see amazing scenery, meet amazing people and discover things you could only find on a train.

See you soon on our first adventure.